Eclipse Cosmetics

Eclipse Hair & Cosmetics Inc is a developer and marketer of hair & cosmetic products that improve health and enhance body features. The key to Eclipse's growth is our commitment to maintain a diverse product line and our commitment to customer service. We have created these products around our mission to provide a line of high quality, easy to use and affordable personal care products that maintain healthy hair. At Eclipse we recognize the importance of a vigilant hair care routine that will not compromise the hair. Eclipse is devoted to the treatment of different types of hair textures. Our patented shampoo and conditioner formulas offer a unique alternative to hair care by controlling, preventing, and repairing environmentally damaged hair.

Eclipse products are all natural products that stimulate hair growth quickly, safely, and naturally. When used daily, our products allow growth of damaged or bald areas, and help to maintain healthy hair. Eclipse products are safe to use on all types of hair (permed, colored, relaxed, weaved, braided, locked or natural hair). Our product allows the hair to gain and restore the elasticity, manageability, and adds the sheen that you desire. We have designed our product to have a unique moisture-building and moisture-retaining component that replenishes and balances the essential oils in your hair, which provides the extra lustrous look that you desire.

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